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Social Media Projects for 7th Grade ELA

I recently curated several resources for projects that use social media in the classroom. It can be found here. This project took me several hours longer than I thought it might. While there are several resources out there with ideas for how to use social media in the classroom, there are surprisingly few blogs or websites that discuss teachers’ actual experiences with it. I managed to find 10 good resources that I could modify for my classroom. 

The main applications I discovered for Language Arts involved writing. Students could use Twitter to practice summarizing, or writing concisely. They could use blogs and Instagram to write essays or stories (or photo essays) in this way they could explore themes and plot structures. Students could also use Instagram to share examples of poor grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Pinterest can be used to curate articles or photos related to novels we read in class. 

My favorite use of Twitter was having students participate in class discussion through Twitter in addition to speaking their thoughts aloud. The professor projected these Tweets during the discussion and was able to engage 10 times the students who would normally be able to participate. I like this idea because so many 7th graders want their ideas heard, but they are afraid to speak up in class. 

I also liked the idea of using Snapchat to send students examples of concepts outside of class. This makes the ideas more accessible and reminds students of the topic at a time when their minds may be more relaxed and receptive.