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Living in a Digital World

Living in a digital world can be exciting as well as intimidating. It is exciting because everything is literally at our fingertips. However it is intimidating because it feels like corporations are “Big Brother” and they are watching. For example, when I purchase something from Amazon or any other online shop, I immediately see advertisements for similar items or for these same stores or brands in my Facebook feed. It can also be intimidating because anyone can find your address or your phone number through a simple google search. Our digital footprint is also important in our professional lives. In recent years teachers have been fired for things they post in social media about their personal lives or their jobs. Professionals have to be careful about what they post on their social media accounts. 

I recently checked my digital footprint and found that it is clean and semi-professional. When you search my name, most of the results are for class and school websites I have created. My Google+ posts are all related to my EdTech Masters; my Facebook posts are almost entirely personal, but nothing to be ashamed of. My Twitter account was almost unused until I began my EdTech social networking class, so it is mostly professional. I have a LinkedIn account, but other than creating my profile and endorsing people for skills or jobs, it is unused. As far as being confused with other people as sometimes happens on social media, I am the only Kjersti Withers I can find in the world. This is most likely due to my Swedish first name and my English surname. I could probably make it more professional, but I would have to consider how to do that. At least it is reputable.