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Content Curation

This week my mini PLN group worked on creating a content curation checklist. Content curation is the process of gathering content related to one topic, annotating it, organizing it, and sharing it. I’m glad this sign,net was completed as a group, because I have been on a road trip in the UK for the past week and a half. One group member left on vacation after setting up a Google doc and proposing some questions we could choose for or checklist and choosing some of the sources. Another group member fleshed out some of the questions and created the resource list for most of the sources. When I was at a stable place in my travels, and had Wifi, I was able to read through the sources, flesh out several of the questions, and add a couple of sources to the resource list. Our 4th member finished fleshing out the questions and we all looked over the final product. One member went back and reorganized the list and added check boxes. It was great to be able to work on this assignment from various places and find unity in our work. It seemed as though most of our group was on vacation, or preparing to leave, yet we were all able to contribute.

Here is our checklist. I will try to embed it directly on here when I have access to my computer. I can’t get an embed code from the iPad app.