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Assessments in PBL

For Part I of my project, students will be creating proposals for the development of a new civilization from scratch. The civilization will be built in phases, each phase taking care of a level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. The students will present their proposals to a fictional panel to see which group gets to lead a colonizing expedition to a new planet.

I have chosen to give the following assessments to determine whether students are learning during the project and to determine their level of understanding at the end of the project. Although students will be creating a new civilization and studying human needs, the learning focus of this project will be research skills and writing proposals/argumentative essays.

Summative Assessment

  • Oral Multimedia presentation of group proposal

Formative Assessment:

  • Research notes and resource list – rubric to come soon
  • Learning log
  • Lists of questions students are investigating
  • Civilization plan/map (concept map)
  • Storyboards for slides
  • Practice presentations
  • Civilization Progress Checklist – students will have deadlines for completing research for each phase of the civilization.
  • Rough Drafts – students will write a rough draft for each phase of the civilization proposal.

The key requirements for effective assessments are:

  1. They are for the students.
  2. They are faithful to the work students actually do.
  3. They are public.
  4. They promote ongoing self-reflection and critical inquiry.

My assessments meet these requirements. The proposal presentation requires students to present in public and the choices involved in its creation allow students to feel ownership of the process. The formative assessments reflect the work the students do. They will be taking notes as they research their geographic area and its resources. They will need to make lists of research questions and take more notes as they research solutions to the needs people will have in those areas. Their research will promote ongoing self-reflection and critical inquiry, especially as students think about what they have learned and how they will solve the problems that will face their civilization. Since the focus is on learning research skills and inquiry, the rubric for student notebooks will assess research notes, habits, and the use of in-depth questions.

Here is the link to my assessment page.