EdTech 541 Final Blog Entry

Part 1: Reflections

This has been an exciting semester! I have discovered a treasury of resources for integrating technology into an ELA classroom. Although I was not able to find any free tools for improving student writing, I have found a wealth of resources for reading, grammar, and spelling. I have discovered websites and apps that will not only allow students to create, but to learn. The course readings, both the textbook and suggested sites, helped guide my research and bolstered my confidence as I created lessons integrating technology.

The course work has allowed me to master several of the AECT standards. I have created presentations, videos, documents, and charts. This meets AECT Standard 1 (Content Knowledge) which states “Candidates demonstrate the knowledge necessary to create, use, assess, and manage theoretical and practical applications of educational technologies and processes.” I have created lessons using my own products as well as lessons using a variety of websites, videos, and web tools/apps. This meets AECT Standard 2 (Content Pedagogy) which states, “Candidates develop as reflective practitioners able to demonstrate effective implementation of educational technologies and processes based on contemporary content and pedagogy.”  As I have tested the materials and lessons I have created, I have reflected on their effectiveness. I have also conducted research on the relative advantages of using specific technologies in English Language Arts. This meets AECT Standard 3 (Learning Environments) which states “Candidates facilitate learning by creating, using, evaluating, and managing effective learning environments.” I have created instructional design products for short lessons according to research-based practices.

This course has helped me to find better avenues for researching best practices. I have discovered educational research sites that have helped me to make decisions about technology and my classroom. Edutopia has been especially helpful. Surprisingly, I have not converted to the idea of integrating technology 100% into my classes. my research has led to me realize that just because a technology is flashy or new, it isn’t necessarily better. In the future, I will use technology more frequently for collaboration, but I will be sure to included printed resources as well. I personally have discovered that when text is long or involved, especially if it includes details for an assignment, I prefer to have it in print version – or at least in checklist form. I will be sure that students receive a physical handout when I give directions for complex assignments.

Part Two: Self-evaluation of Blog

Content: My blog entries were rich in content and full of thought. In writing most of my entries, I made connections to previous or current content, or to real-life situations. In other entries, I could have done better at making connections. I would give myself a 68/70 for content.

Readings and Resources: Many of my posts refer to course readings and some refer to other research. I cited all of my sources using APA format. I would give myself a 16/20 for readings and resources.

Timeliness: I made all of the required postings, but many were submitted very late in the module, so others did not have time to respond. I would give myself a 15/20 for timeliness.

Responses to Other Students: I responded to two other students blogs for each assigned post. I’m not sure that one response each week was detailed, because the responses depended on what the other students wrote. Some weeks I had two detailed responses, and some weeks neither were detailed. I would give myself a 25/30 for responses to other students.

In total, I would give myself 124/140 for my blogging efforts this semester.


One thought on “EdTech 541 Final Blog Entry

  1. Derek Southwick

    I like how you were honest in your blog assessment. I have always found it difficult to grade myself – indeed I am often tougher on myself that I need to be. That said, I hope that our professor gives you those points you docked yourself – your blogs always seem well written and thought out. Good luck in the future!



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