Reflection on Learning in EDTECH 501

Looking back on this semester in EdTech 501, I feel like I face two challenges. One challenge was time. I have managed to keep myself quite busy over the past several years without attending school and because I had made prior commitments, it was difficult to fit everything in. The other challenge I faced was application. It was difficult to apply what I was learning in my classroom, because of the lack of resources at my school.

One of the less effective ways I dealt with the lack of time was to sleep less. This made it harder to concentrate while completing assignments and made me a little bit less pleasant as a classroom teacher. I will not be losing sleep over my assignments next semester. I managed to deal with both the time issue and the application issue by discussing my assignments with my grade level team. They were helpful in suggesting ideas for how I could create an artifact that would be applicable in our classrooms. This was a useful technique for a couple of the artifacts. I also realized that time worked better for me if I prioritized myself first, work second, then school. I plan to prioritize better in future semesters so I don’t burn out half way through.

My best artifact was the digital divide voice thread. I feel like I did the most thorough job on that artifact and learned the most. I was able to spot problems at my school that I had not noticed before. I was also able to see potential solutions.

One thing I plan to do at my school as a result of this course is create a school technology plan. As a member of the technology team, I plan to push the team to create a plan before purchasing anymore wasteful technology. We have so much technology that goes unused because teachers are not trained, or because it is not the best choice for the subject they teach. I want my school to make more conscious choices when purchasing new hardware.

Thanks for coming along on my journey.


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