Welcome to my EDTECH Learning Log. This site will be a collection of my understandings and reflections as I jump into the waters of Educational Technology at Boise State University. I chose to pursue a Masters in EdTech because I am constantly looking for ways to improve as a teacher. I teach 7th grade English in Southern California. Recently I completed training in Understanding by Design with Jay McTighe. The goal of UbD is to design instruction backwards; begin with an understanding of what you want students to achieve, and work backward to create assessments and lessons. Deep understanding and real world application is the end goal of any educational program. Instruction designed on the UbD model requires students to complete a real-world performance task at the end of a unit. Obviously technology is part of modern life. Students need to know how to use it and how to learn through its use. While I’m not sure exactly how I will incorporate technology into my future instruction, I envision a hybrid classroom where students complete performance tasks using technology by writing blog posts, tweeting, creating advertisements and designing websites.

I am excited for my EdTech journey and hope you will enjoy following it.